Club meetings are held at Lloyd Hall public recreation center. The gymnasium provides 4500 square feet of climate controlled juggling space and also has a large outdoor patio. It is located at 1 Boathouse Row, at the intersection of Kelly Drive and Waterworks Drive, just behind the Art Museum.

Driving directions may be obtained from Google Maps or via the map at the bottom of this page.


New time slot (due to COVID-19):
Mondays 6:45-8:45pm (from 10/3/2022 to 12/19/2022)

Our group will have this time slot for the remainder of this quarter (Q4 2022), so the last meeting will be 12/19/2022, as 12/26/2022 is a holiday closure (Christmas Day observed). After that, it's possible that another group will occupy the time slot. If so, there will be another period of canceled meetings until we get another opportunity, as groups have to take turns sharing the limited available time slots.

To be notified of closed dates and last minute cancellations join our e-mail list.


EVERYONE! Jugglers and non-jugglers, variety entertainers, performers, mimes and manipulators of all make and model. Membership is free and all are welcome.

Philadelphia Jugglers Club - Lloyd Hall

Driving directions may be obtained directly from Google Maps.